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the Myth About Myths: Greek Mythology Zines!

15 CAD / In stock.

30+ pages of full colour Greek Mythological illustrations 30+ more pages of ridiculous facts about them (in each zine)!

Finished with a fancy silk cover.  Zine are Separated by topic!  Be sure to specify in a comment which zines you are purchasing (especially in bundles of 2 or more)!

Available Zines:

- Zine 1: Greek Gods (a group of Olympians + Various Gods of a relatively popular nature)

- Zine 2: Primordial Greek Gods (a group of the Very First Gods to come about)

- Zine 5: Greek Titans (a group of Unfortunate Souls, the generation between Greek Gods & Primordial Greek Gods)

Pre-Orders: (ships out Beginning of July)

- Zine 4: Greek Ladies (a group a very prominent Ladies In Myth)

- Zine 6: Greek Lovers (a group of Horny Shits often all laughs until people die).

Coming Soon: (ships out TBD)

- Zine 3: Greek Heroes & Villains (a group of characters definitely beating each other up).

- Zine 7: Greek Monsters (a group of the most ruthless critters-- or the most tame ones... just critters)